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Estabilshed over 60 years ago, K&M excels in making high quality, built to last stands and accessories for the music industry.

Konig & Meyer produces everything from traditional round base and tripod mic stands, keyboard stands, all the way to modern accessories to hold the latest in digital technology devices, like iPhones and tablets.

Check them out for yourself:

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NEW! Genelec M Series – Music Creation Series

These are really cool! Available in August.
Genelec’s innovative M Series monitors blend earth-friendly technology and studio-grade monitoring into an impressive package. From their custom high-efficiency Class D amplifier to the Intelligent Signal Sensing automatic power-off feature, the Genelec M030 and M040 speakers are a new breed of planet-friendly monitors. The Natural Composite Enclosure is made from fully recyclable fiber composite material for a low carbon footprint.

Click the link – Genelec M Series!

Aviom’s new A360 Personal Mixer!

Image Marketing West welcomes AVIOM to the mix! NAMM 2013 marks the release of the A360 personal mixer to compliment the ever popular personal mixing line. New features include advanced 36 channel mix engine, advanced stereo placement panner, and built-in ambient microphone. This product is sure to turn heads! Keep up with Aviom @

Have you seen the InFocus Mondopad?

This product is delivering and satisfying customers of all types! Check out the Mondopad here.

Present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet with meeting participants in the room and around the world. An InFocus Mondopad puts everything you need to visually present, capture and share ideas at your fingertips – all beautifully integrated into a single device.

  • Multi-touch high definition 55-inch display
  • Flexible and expandable with built-in Windows PC
  • Digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation
  • Business-class video conferencing
  • Share, view and control from your tablet or smartphone
  • Full version of Microsoft Office
  • Part number: INF5520

Klark Teknik – Digital Network Bridges (conversion)

There are many different multichannel digital audio protocols available today. The DN9650 Network Bridge supports network modules designed and manufactured by Cirrus Logic, Inc., Lab X Technologies, LLC, and Audinate Pty Ltd. Simply run AES50 digital lines from Midas Digital Consoles into the DN9650 and convert to your preferred digital format.

KT DN9650 Bridge (AES50 Converter)

Currently available interfaces include:-

  • Audinate Dante
  • Aviom A-Net
  • Cirrus Logic CobraNet
  • Digigram EtherSound
  • MADI (AES10)
The DN9652 Dual Network Bridge has been designed to allow two dissimilar digital audio networks to interface simply and reliably.

KT DN9652 Bridge (format to format converter)

Bosch Omneo – Advancing on the AVB Standard.

Bosch Communications Systems introduced a new media networking solution to provide open public standards-based media networking architecture to promote device interconnectivity. This architecture – called OMNEO – has two components: (1) an audio program transport protocol suite (dante) that offers low-latency, high-quality multichannel audio stream exchange; and (2) a robust control protocol suite that provides reliable and secure system control for pro networks of all sizes, from small to intercontinental.

Read more about Omneo HERE